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 lvl from 8 to 55

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PostSubject: lvl from 8 to 55   Fri May 22, 2009 9:12 am

{lvl from 8 to 55}

this method will give you alot of money and stuff first of all before i start DO NOT under any circumstances create an inflation!
this will cause that prices sky rocket wich means ure money will worthless! To preventing this from happen leave all prices the same and try staying with ure moneydo not raise price of rations. this will cause that clubs will be closed .if u agree with this i suggest u start doing this club. if not do not even dare trying to make one! it will cause chaos to everyone.

[the next info only counts for a pt of 4 newbs + voy lv 65} (with banana and hb,use mini amp from 8 to 40) ON 2X EXP

bags needed:

36 lv 1

48 lv 2

8 lv 3

bags earned:

36 lv 1

52 lv 2

16 lv 3

bags profit

0 lv 1

4 lv 2

8 lv 3

(correct me if i'm wrong)
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lvl from 8 to 55
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