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 strategy to lvl newbs

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PostSubject: strategy to lvl newbs   Fri May 22, 2009 9:31 am

<DO NOT TELL anyone you made a club>

first u ned to get some bags i suggest 36 lv 1 | 48 lv 2 | 8 lv 3
-make 2 accounts(with new e-mails)

-make newbies lv 8

-get some hb's @ 10

-find a bagging spot where no one will ks you

-get ure self a co-captain,unless u can open @ 5 to 7 top windows this step is not needed (more profit)

-mentore the newbs

-summon all bags at ounce

-start conching

-use amp and nana

-keep auto conching (CTRL + F1)

-use hb

-and nana

-relog-graduate-and assign bags

-start all over again

(watch out with the time the 2x exp on the week is only for 1:30 hour , 1 hour and a half)
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strategy to lvl newbs
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